Technology is present in our daily lives, helping to turn long and complex processes into simple and quick actions. These resources created a new concept: Society 5.0. In such concept, technologies are used to offer solutions to people and create improvements for a more sustainable life.

In this scenario, businesses strived to adapt and use innovation in favor of their business processes, getting closer to their customers and offering new experiences to build loyalty.

75% of buyers prefer to buy on-line

A survey conducted in June 2019 by Forrester (a consultancy firm from the USA) showed that 75% of buyers prefer to buy online. In other words, consumers are looking for more practicality, comfort and agility when purchasing a product. At the same time, the study found that only 25% of companies promote on-line sales actively.

From this information, we realize that organizations still have a long way to go towards the digital universe, in order to really integrate their processes.

Artificial intelligence for the sake of business

The change in the way customers consume and, consequently, the need for corporations to be present in the digital environment, has direct influence on the way buy & sell relationships take place between corporations. The new requirements make companies pursue – mainly with artificial intelligence support – alternatives to connect with their buyers, in order to assure that most of deals are closed.

This statement is strengthened even more when we check this year’s forecast by consultancy firm Gartner, which showed that 30% of companies will use artificial intelligence in 2020, at least in one stage of the procurement process. This trend will certainly generate a large amount of data and, in order to analyze it, companies will need fast and effective means – in order to lead them to assertive strategies, focused on each customer.

Technologies 4.0 optimizing processes and increasing decision power

One of the tools that come to help in this analysis, bringing market forecasts with it, is Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, IoT shows, from predictive analysis, an overview of the business and what the next steps are for the company, in an accurate way.

An example of predictive analysis use is a mathematical function that analyzes existing data and shows what may be the possible future problems, thus assisting in decision-making and saving time. Another application is data analysis, to create customized service models or to ensure the development of an assertive campaign to attract new consumers.

Businesses involved in B2B commerce are increasingly adapting to new technologies, and are looking for ways to get closer to their customers within the digital environment. Using a marketplace that offers benefits to the buyer – such as guarantee of supplier verification, more security, credibility in transactions and leverage of sales, while providing the best of AI to the seller – is one of the paths that corporations must actually follow. These innovations will assure more visibility for companies in the new consumer society.

As we can see, e-commerce has grown and many companies are looking for ways to get closer to their customers. How about taking advantage of this behavior change and doing business safely, in a community that has a worth of over R$ 100 billion per year?

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* By Fabrizio Tassitano

Source: Channel 360° portal